The transformation of industrial production is accelerating significantly in the digital age. In addition to significant increases in efficiency in production management, digital systems also enable new production technologies, especially those that push the boundaries of what was previously feasible. One such new cyber-physical production method is additive manufacturing.

The Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the Swiss technology group Oerlikon are jointly driving the development of advanced manufacturing technologies. They founded the TUM-Oerlikon Advanced Manufacturing Institute in order to intensify their collaboration. The aim of the institute is to tackle technical challenges on the road to industrialization. The institute is a public-private partnership.

The TUM-Oerlikon Advanced Manufacturing Institute researches cutting-edge technologies, innovative processes and improved methods to increase productivity, efficiency and flexibility in the manufacturing industry. Research focuses include material development, process optimization and automation, and the digitalization of manufacturing processes.

Additive Manufacturing Landscape

Of the various new production technologies, additive manufacturing has the greatest potential to fundamentally revolutionize industrial production in the coming years. The goal of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) within the framework of the TUM Agenda 2030 is to implement the entire process and value chain of additive manufacturing with its unique strengths and, together with the economic region of Bavaria, to take an international leadership role in this manufacturing technology through an interdisciplinary and cross-industry approach.

While the TUM Oerlikon Advanced Manufacturing Institute focuses on close development cooperation directly on campus, TUM.Additive bundles research activities in the field of additive manufacturing at TUM. A focus on entrepreneurial activities in AM is provided by the Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing. It actively supports teams that want to turn innovative research results from the field of additive manufacturing into successful start-ups. The Bavarian Additive Manufacturing Cluster reflects the entire breadth of the industrial environment. The cluster, which is currently being established, is a cross-business and cross-science initiative for the industrialization of AM.